Laura Kaminsky, New York-based composer of contemporary chamber, vocal, and orchestral music, with social-political topics like environment and war

Denver Post: Kaminsky’s “As One” Chamber Opera “hottest title in opera right now”

Denver Post: Kaminsky's “As One” Chamber Opera "hottest title in opera right now"

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“As One” is the hottest title in opera right now, at least among the titles written in the last 100 years. The musical tale of a transgender woman’s personal evolution is somehow right on time — an accomplished bit of art-making, with considerable entertainment value, that thrusts itself smack into the current political and social discourse.

It’s in Denver this week week. Pittsburgh last. Seattle produced it in November and folks in New Orleans and Los Angeles get to hear it this spring. The chamber piece, which premiered at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in late 2014, has a rare vitality in a business where new works — including the good ones — have to fight for even a second show.

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Kelly Markgraf and Blythe Gaissert rehearse for Opera Colorado’s “As One.” Andres Cladera is the conductor. (Provided by Opera Colorado)