Crossroads Project / Rising Tide Video and Audio Excerpts

The Crossroads Project brings the power of performance art — music, painting, photography and scientific research — to bear on one of the great conversations of our time — humanity’s growing unsustainability and the possibility for a truly meaningful response. Comprising two original performance works to date ― grounded in science and elevated by art ― the project offers audiences an evocative and shared space from which to contemplate the choices before us and the pathways they create. With an original score by composer Laura Kaminsky, the music erects within each vignette a contemplative space for the audience to process what it is we now know.

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Rising Tide: The Crossroads Project | 1:12:27

This feature-length cinematic performance fuses compelling science, evocative imagery, and powerful music in an exploration of nature, humanity, and the paths that lie before us.

The Crossroads Project promotional film | 3:10

Bios | 5:38

from “Rising Tide” (section II of “The Crossroads Project”)

Kaminsky’s “Rising Tide” trailer

View at Vimeo

View at Vimeo.

SciTech Central Short: The Crossroads Project | 5:18


View at WUCFTV website.

Forage | 3:24

Movement III from Rising Tide
commissioned by the Fry Street Quartet for The Crossroads Project
Fry Street Quartet: Robert Waters and Rebecca McFaul, violins; Brad Ottesen, viola; Anne Francis Bayless, cello