Pull Quotes – Laura Kaminsky

Nothing short of masterful.” – San Francisco Classical Voice

Kaminsky’s music is full of ‘intricate interweavings,’ creating atmospheric spaces” with “astonishing coherence.” – Neue Musikzeitung

Kaminsky writes “music of substance which intelligently engages audiences.” – newmusicbuff.com – Allan J. Cronin

Kaminsky’s music is full of fire as well as ice, written in an idiom that contrasts dissonance and violence with tonal beauty and meditative reflection. It is strong stuff.” – American Record Guide

Effective, direct music … Kaminsky writes well for the voice.” – The Washington Post

A composer with an ear for the new and interesting” – The New York Times

Kaminsky’s compositional skills allow her to evoke pretty much whatever emotion she chooses. Her style shows influences and echoes from classical forms, jazz, pop, minimalism all integrated into a largely tonal/post romantic style which easily engages listeners and manages to be highly expressive.” newmusicbuff.com – Allan J. Cronin

Kaminsky creates soft, evocative moods as naturally as she writes music that moves with force.” – New Music Connoisseur

The inventive charm of Kaminsky’s music keeps finding new sonic possibilities with economical resources. [She] shows a blessed willingness to write dramatic music with a strong rhythmic backbone.” – San Francisco Chronicle

Innovative sound has been a driving force for Ms. Kaminsky since she was a child. Among her influences (are) Dmitri Shostakovich, Meredith Monk, Stephen Sondheim and Brazilian pop.” – The New York Times

“… consistently compelling music.” – Chicago Classical Review

[She] makes the most of textures, sometimes delicate and almost weightless, sometimes thick and convoluted, but always vivid. Kaminsky manages both tension and humor in the most natural way.” – The Washington Post

Kaminsky’s music is colorful and harmonically sharp edged.” – The New York Times

Replete with syncopation and picturesque textures, (there is) diversity, richness, and much originality. – Operawire

[Kaminsky’s music] scans the subconscious depths of the human psyche with mesmerizing colors. – Performingartsreview.net

Kaminsky’s musical language is compounded of hymns, blues, and gestures not unlike those of Shostakovich.” – inTune