Lisa Moore’s Novel “February” Makes Opera World Premiere with Kaminsky co-Librettist

From Page to Stage

Excerpted from Memorial University Gazette
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Photo: Katherine Pracht in Opera on the Avalon’s production of February.

Next week, the curtain will ascend, cuing the world premiere of February, a new stage production from Opera on the Avalon.

“Sitting in the audience, it feels as though the music physically touches you, thrums against your bones,” said Ms. Moore, who serves as co-librettist for the production and is an associate professor in the Department of English’s Diploma of Creative Writing program. “Often in rehearsal, I found myself overwhelmed by emotion.”

A new partnership

Bringing her own distinctive musical language to February is Ms. Moore’s co-librettist, Laura Kaminsky, cited by The Washington Post as “one of the top 35 female composers in classical music.”